Outdoor Advertising


Arun Sign Service Private Limited is the most reliable name in OOH (Out of Home) Advertising today in the country, especially for Kolkata, Rest of the West Bengal, other eastern and north eastern states of India.

We are the leading Out of Home Advertising solution providers from Kolkata with more than 1500 self owned and self managed outdoor hoardings / bill boards across the country.

Our outdoor hoardings are mostly located in and around the city of Kolkata. We also have vast presence in the other districts of West Bengal as well as in the eastern and north eastern states.

Apart from huge in house resources and production facilities, our channel partners across the country are also our major strength.

We offer Outdoor Advertising through the following ways :

  • Billboards / Outdoor Hoardings
  • Pole Kiosks
  • Gantries & Foot Over Bridges
  • Bus Shelters
  • Shopping Malls & Multiplexes
  • Exclusive Display Vans
  • Transit Advertising and Wraps (Taxis, Buses, Subways, Trams, Trains, etc.)
  • Sky Advertising Balloons

Since 1973, we are consistently providing need-specific, market-specific, product-or-service-specific Outdoor Media Space at different locations across the country mainly in Kolkata and other parts of eastern and north eastern India.

  • We have our own mobile vans for display and execute outdoor campaigns.
  • We have a well-equipped workshop to promote in-house facilities in executing different outdoor signage works in all segments.
  • We have successfully managed many OOH campaign across India for last 5 decades.
  • Arun Sign have more than 20 channel partners across Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhad, Assam & North East to execute high recall OOH campaign in the entire East and North East India.
  • We manage PAN India campaigns through the other channel partners across the country.

Billboards / Outdoor Hoardings


Pole Kiosks


Gantries & Foot Over Bridges


Bus Shelters


Shopping Malls & Multiplexes


Exclusive Display Vans


Transit Advertising and Wraps (Taxis, Buses, Subways, Trams, Trains, etc.)


Sky Advertising Balloons